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Wake Up to Rivers!

Come on and get up and get on your way, Johnny Rivers is here to start your day with the latest news and the biggest hits for North Wales from 7am.

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Clare's Compilations

Kicking off your weekday workday afternoon from 1pm, Clare's in the chair with topical conversation and the biggest hits for North Wales.

Hits and Memories with Terry Turner

Great Hits and Memories

From 4pm, Terry Turner is here to get you home safely with a few laughs and a selection of the biggest hits that'll help blow away that workday stress.


The Evening Show with Phil Atherton

The Evening Show

Live from his home studio in the seaside town of Prestatyn, Phil has got your evening soundtrack sorted with all the biggest hits from the past 20 years.

Sticky Fingers with Gavin Bass

Sticky Fingers

Start your weekend in style at 10pm on Friday as Gavin presents a sweet selection of musical treats from his pick 'n' mix record bag for North Wales.

The Chillout Show with Barry Sedgbeer

The Chillout Show

If you are less than excited about the thought of going into work tomorrow, let Barry Sedgbeer help you relax and unwind with the worlds greatest love songs from 10pm.


AirPlay 40 with Spencer James


Each Sunday afternoon from 4pm, Spencer James counts down the top 40 singles as played on English language radio stations from around the world.

Nice 'n' Easy Does It with Johnny Rivers

Sunday Breakfast

With a quirky look back at the happenings of the week and the biggest hits, Ryan Macnair is here to ease you into Sunday morning from 7am.

Sunday Rocks with Richard Ablitt

Sunday Rocks

Each Sunday from 12pm, Richard presents a mix of the very best in classic rock and metal, the hottest new releases and the breaking stories from the rock world!


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